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Contest help!

2010-01-26 16:33:19 by xthesnarfx

I'm in this contest for the Toledo Walleye hockey team, and if I win I get some money and my school gets some money. All I need some people is go here http://www.toledowalleye.com/tshirtcon test/ and vote for Nathan Kime. I would really appreciate it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND...

In case you were wondering (which you probably aren't) I'm making a new flash and I'm in need of voice actors. So if you want to give it a try just shoot me a pm. If you're part of my flash you'll get co-authored. I just need 2 male actors.

New Flash

2008-12-07 15:47:21 by xthesnarfx

Hey newgrounds I finnaly got a new flash done before the new year.


So far its the flash that took me the longest and has the most animation in it... Wow I guess there isn't much more for me to say... How are you guys?

Flash is for fun

2008-08-03 15:11:00 by xthesnarfx

It seems that a lot of people now a days complain when some one gets famous over crappy animation or video game parodies. Like how some people say that ego justgot famous by doing the same things over and over again. Or how others say that all Krinkles does is animate simple looking people. These people seem to of forgotten one major thing, Newgrounds and flash are mainly somthing people do for fun and make to entertain other people.

I know hat there's no excuse for little crapply made stick flashes but if it has half way decent art and animation and it makes you laugh, why care? Not everything has to look like it was made by an expert if it doesn't have to. You can't expect everything to look great because most people who do flash only do it as a hobby not a carrer choice. But I know that it doesn't hurt to have great animation and humor, but it just doesn't need it if the animator can't do it yet.

I don't know about most animators but my favorite part of Newgrounds is reading the flash reviews that people give me because not only does it gives me things to approve on, but I also get to see how many people enjpyed it.

People just need to remember that Newgrounds was made mainly for a place people can come to for somthing to do. So next time you see a funny flash that only uses tweens, just laugh and forgete that it doesn't have great animation.

Screw everyone at Comic Con

2008-06-27 21:16:27 by xthesnarfx

Screw Cycon, Rubber Ninja, the NG team, the TN guys, and all the other guys, I'm going to Comic Con. I know, some of you may be a little afraid to talk to an amazing flash artist as myself, but please I don't mind. I'll be doing everything from giving out free autographs to singing your favorite show tunes.

And don't think the fun stops there. I rented out an enture conferences hall just for you guys to talk to me. And for thos of you who don't know, but of course how could you not, I am the creator of such hits as Resident Merchant...that's it... So please, just wait in line when you want an autograph from the one and only Snarf.

Home Movies

2008-05-27 17:02:51 by xthesnarfx

I just got done watching the entire seris of the Adult Swim show Home Movies. I have to say that it is my favorite seris ever made. It doesn't really have good animation or really even any music, but it just has some sort of charm to it.

If you don't know what Home Movies is about basically it's 3 kids , Breden, Jason, and Melisa, that make little movies at their houses everyday. They don't go on wild adventures or have super powers like most cartoons, they're just 3 ordinary kids. Usually they move the plot along just through little conversations all the charicters have with one another.

It has pretty dry humor. Usually not through actions but through just conversation the charecters have with one another.

If you have Tivo it's on at 1am during the weekdays so record it. Sorry for whoever I knocked off the frontpage to make this post about why I like Home Movies.

I can finnally post on the front page

2008-04-29 06:59:09 by xthesnarfx

Thanks to everyone for helping my newest flash get Daily 3rd! Now I can finnally make some front page post. Expect to see a lot more from me during the summer when school lets out. I got a few ideas and I may even make a part for the Metal Gear collab. Thanks again and if you haven't watched Resident Merchant yet check it out. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

First off I know I can't spell, now on to more important bussiness. I have been working on my newest animation for a few eeks be recently I havn't found any idea why to continue. It looks great so far but everyday I work less and less on it. I havn't even touched it for in the last two days. I can't find the motovation to start getting into it again.

I was wondering if any of you more experienct artists could give me some tips to help me finish this or just give me help on it. If people even care that I'm working on somthing I may put up some screen shots or maybe a demo of the first scene (don't I sound important). So please help this poor widdle flash artist finish his best flash so far (which isn't saying much). It would also be very apresheated if you guys could review some of my stuff to help me improve. If it's one thing I like about newgrounds the most is the critisisum that they give you... and don't give you somtimes. So again watch some of my stuff or just give me a few kind words to help me get motovated for my flash... wait, I'M ASKING NEWGROUNDS TO DO SOMTHING!? I'm screwed.

I Have a Fan?

2007-09-15 22:00:17 by xthesnarfx

Someone accually enjoys my work!? First of all its amazing some one even found my stuff after it left the 50 most recent. Second it's crazy they could sit through my stuff without saying "I don't get this". This is crazy awesome and bad at the same time. If I start getting fans I'll accually have to start making stuff more often. ANd If I start making stuff more of I'll have to rush it. And If I rush it people will call me a sellout star who just rides his fanboys to the top. And if I do that people will stop liking me because it uncool to like my stuff. So I'll be at the bottem again and then it repetes over and over D: So please, for me, don't like my stuff.

First Concert

2007-08-19 17:27:59 by xthesnarfx

Well I have no newgrounds news to share with you all so I'll tell you about my news that you all care about, YAY!

I went to my first concert yesterday which featured Agenist All Authority, Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, and Les than Jake. Now in this concert I was smart, I got up to the bar early and never gave it up. No one was in front of my and I was just a few feet away from the stage. Great thing for a first concert.

AAA- They were the starter band for good ressone. You couldn't hear one word they were saying so insted of a ska band, it sounded like a punk band with a few randome trumpets thrown in. Now the only fun part about this band was the mosh pit. Now I didn't give up my spot but I just turned around and pushed people that got near to me. I can't really say anything about them because they sucked.

Streetlight Manifesto- They started with this great cover of "The Ants of Marching in", it blew my mind. For 45 minutes they gave an awsome concert. They played most of there hits, If We are to Rise Again, Kesbe Nights, ect. And played a song from they're new album that is gonna be great. The entire segment was awsome, I just wish they had a better stage show.

Reel Big Fish- Right when they got on everyone went crazy and they srated right off the back with Trendy. I dunno if you guys know about the RBF but they are so goofy on stage, esspisally John and Dan. They played all of they're hits, She Has a Girlfriend Now, Suberban Rytham (the many vertions of), Take on Me, and of course Sell out. Now the RBF has hunderids of great songs so it would be impossable to play everything in the hour that they had.

Less Than Jake- Sucks so I left before they started

After I left I cought the RBF in the parking lot and

I'm Selling Out

2007-08-11 20:27:16 by xthesnarfx

As you read and don't care I am selling out... I'm making a clock day flash. Now you may be thinking "Hey Snarf, how is that selling out". Well you see I'm making one of thos quick little ones just so I can have a few people watch it and vote high. But rest assure, after this I'm back on track. It's also a way I can practice some fbf and backgrounds and stuff. So if anyone reads this look for my little thing in what, 5 days? So who here thinks I'm gonna make it... or cares?